Business Building L3 Basement + Ground Floor + Garage + 5 Floors + Set Back Floor, Surface Area=2278,71 m2 , 2013

Project description

Currently, under construction is the final stage of a new business building of a total useful area of 2.278,71 m2 of the floor schedule: Basement+Ground Floor+Garage+5 Floors+Set Back Floor. New business building is also within the composition of business complex in the street Prvog Krajiskog korpusa No.37. It leans on already built business building „Grawe“ and presents its extension in terms of appearance and shape of entrance facade.

The building is anticipated for companies of office type, with the possibility of adaptation of the space for all other purposes (small clinics, insurance companies,banks etc). Considering that the building is still being built, it is possible to form the space according to the request of the buyers. The plan is to build-in high quality material which guarantees long-term exploitation with minimum maintenance costs.

We have built the glass facade with coated aluminum profiles and in lower floors in combination with alubond facade and thermal insulation facade with high quality final coating as well as windows also with coated aluminum profiles and three-layered thermal insulation glass. Internal processing will be with top material from internal tiles and sanitation, parquet and stone floors to the first-class carpentry and inox metalwork, according to the wish of the buyers, as well as the most contemporary IT installations and equipment. The building will have the possibility of own heating and cooling via chillers and heating pumps. Within office space, there will be fan-coils for heating and cooling, floor heating on the ground floor, as well as other technique and installations necessary for comfortable work space.

Also, in construction is also a part of the undergrpound parking garage which is below the building and below the outer parking. Total number of parking lots in underground garage is 33 and there will be totally 106 parking lots within entire parking garage.