Business building or hotel

Project description

Our company „MM Invest“ d.o.o. Banja Luka possesses 3.369,00 m2 construction land at attractive location in central city core - Zone 1, in the street Prvog Krajiskog korpusa.

The lots are on the space which is accessible and is in the surroundings that tends to be new business center of the city.

Location map
Site plan

In the vicinity, there are significant buildings where various state instituions and companies are situated, such as Government of the Republic of Srpska, National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, Central Bank BiH, Telekom Srpske, Tax Administration RS, etc. We have to mention that in our street, currently, three residential-business buildings are under construction as well as a huge business complex with several buildings of various contents and purposes.

At this location we have so far built two buildings, one residential and one commercial office building and a third building in the final stages of construction, also business purposes, suitable for placing the company of various industries, from insurance companies, banks, IT companies, clinics, etc.

Within residential-business building, there is a remaining part of the land on which 3 buildings more can be built, of total gross area of about 9.500,00 m2, floor schedule: Basement+Ground Floor+5 Floors+Set Back Attic. When analyzing the location and the market town and its surroundings, we came to the conclusion that this land is very suitable for the construction of hotels with minimum 4 stars, considering the location, access to the lot, as well as necessary number of parking lots and other needs for that purpose.